• Pomona College – Claremont, CA
      BA in Computer Science

      • GPA: 3.326
      • Graduation Date: December, 2005
    • Summerfield Waldorf School-Santa Rosa, CA
      High School Diploma

      • GPA: 4.0
      • Graduation Date: June, 2000


      • Sustaining Technologies LLC – Santa Rosa, CA
        Founding Member, Systems and Software Architect: February 2009-Present

        • Design, develop, and maintain software and web hosting infrastructure.
        • Create a web-based rewards card processing system using Python and Django.
        • Manage all software development and technology infrastructure operations.
      • ZDCA Design & Development – Santa Rosa, CAAssociate Programmer & Web Developer: July 2011 – Present
        • JavaScript and Django development, CMS theme and plugin development, and HTML/CSS work.
      • inthis – San Francisco, CA
        Founder and Head Engineer: July 2012 – July 2013

        • Web application product development, architecture, and implementation in Python using the Django framework.
        • VPS system administration, including Nginx and PostgreSQL.
        • Giveplace Inc. – Santa Rosa, CA
          Contract Software Engineer and System Administrator: December 2011-July 2012

          • Django and JavaScript web application development
          • System administration, including Nginx, PostgreSQL, and Solr.
        • Infrared Medical Solutions – Santa Rosa, CA
          Contract System Administrator and Software Developer: September 2006-December 2008

          • Manage project timelines and development activities.
          • Develop applications and tools using Java, C++, Flex, C#, PHP, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, and bash.
          • Engineer, configure, and maintain network services running on Gentoo Linux servers.
        • SmartAVI – Burbank, CA
          Electronics QA Technician: March 2006-September 2006

          • Test, debug, and repair audio-visual electronic devices.
          • Assist with new product development, electronic and mechanical assembly processes, and shipping.
        • Pomona College ITS – Claremont, CA
          Technical Support Representative Supervisor: Spring 2001-Spring 2003

          • Train new employees to provide technical support.
          • Staff help desk supporting students, faculty, and administration.
          • Monitor and maintain computer labs.
          • Provide in-room service for students.


        • Languages
          • Programming: Python, C, C++, Java, ActionScript, Ruby, PHP, UNIX Shells
          • Frameworks: Django, Rails, Flex
          • Other: LATEX, XHTML, XML, XSD, XSLT, CSS, SQL
        • Software
          • Server: Apache, Nginx, Tomcat, MySQL, Solr, BIND, Samba, Qmail, Postfix, CourierIMAP, OpenSSH, OpenSSL, CVS, Subversion, heartbeat
          • Application: Various editors and IDEs, Photoshop, Illustrator
        • Operating Systems
          • Proficient in Mac OS 10.3-10.7 and Linux (Gentoo, Ubuntu, and Fedora Core)
          • Familiar with Solaris, FreeBSD, and Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista/7
        • Hardware
          • Computer Hardware: x86 and PPC, RAM, Ethernet and 801.11 interfaces, ATA/SATA, SCSI, RAID, IEEE 1394, USB
          • Network Hardware: switches, routers, wireless access points.
        • Networking
          • Transports: TCP, UDP, IPv4, IPv6, Ethernet, 802.11
          • E-Mail: SMTP, IMAP, POP3, and encrypted versions
          • Web: HTTP, SSL, WebDAV
          • File-Serving: SMB/CIFS, NFS, AFP
          • Other: DNS, DHCP
        • Electronics
          • SMT and through-hole soldering and rework.
          • Analog and digital circuit troubleshooting.
          • Reading and editing schematics.
          • PCB layout.

Achievements and Activities

    • National Merit Scholarship finalist.
    • Managing a heterogeneous home network (1998 to present).
      • Hosting multiple web sites.
      • Virtual e-mail hosting for multiple domains.
      • File-serving and backup.
    • Producing and performing electronic music.
    • Developing custom music hardware and software.
    • Flying paragliders.